Welcome to SD/PEN

Looking for an Editor?

editor[1]Whether you are a freelance editor looking for networking opportunities or a client searching for an editor, we can be your most valuable resource.

San Diego Professional Editors Network (SD/PEN) is an association of talented professionals who love language. As trained editors, we correct, revise, and adapt written material for publication or presentation. We also provide many related editorial services that can improve your final documents.

Most of our members are freelance editors or professionals who hold full-time editing positions in the Southern California area. Many freelance editors also service clients nationwide and in other parts of the world.

If you need a San Diego editor, or are seeking specialized editorial support for a particular subject or type of project, you can find help here at SD/PEN.


Need More Than Just an Editor?

Although our membership primarily comprises editors, SD/PEN also includes writers, proofreaders, indexers, and other word experts who work with books, periodicals, newsletters, brochures, eBooks, online content, and other types of publications.

San Diego Professional Editors Network unites a group of qualified independent editors who work together to provide professional services—including editing, writing, proofreading, and more—to the written world.

Editors often provide additional, related services. Many of these services complement each other and are accomplished in a more timely, efficient manner when completed simultaneously or by the same person.



Writing is by far the most common related service offered by editors. The strong language skills that editors develop often make them successful writers as well. However, it is strongly recommended that the individual contracted to write a document be different from the one contracted to edit the document. A fresh set of editorial eyes can objectively evaluate the text and will catch more errors than the author’s subjective review.


Other Related Services

As with writing, it is strongly recommended that the individual contracted to edit a document be different from the one contracted to proofread the document.

That said, a client may find it both convenient and cost-effective to work with the same person for copyediting as well as indexing. A client might also benefit from having an editor collaborate as a researcher.

Editors can also lend a trained eye and editorial insight to services like desktop publishing, consulting and project management, marketing, and training.