Great Opportunity for SD/PEN Members

SD/PEN members are invited to share their ideas by submitting a blog post on any of these subjects:

  1. A review of a book that would be valuable to SD/PEN members
  2. A review of a website, software, or any resource you feel SD/PEN members could benefit from
  3. A 400-500 word post on any topic of interest to SD/PEN members having to do with the nature of editing or the business of editing
  4. An interview of an instructor, author, editor whose profile would provide value to SD/PEN members
  5. Any other ideas that you feel members would appreciate

The SD/PEN blog is promoted through the newsletter and social media. It provides valuable content to members as well as serving to attract new members.

Please send your ideas to Andrea at  Let’s make this blog a team effort! Oh . . . and please post comments on the blogs after you read them. They’re meant to be interactive, and your comments enable us to gauge the interest of readers.

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