Q1. What Is SD/PEN?

SD/PEN (San Diego Professional Editors Network) is an association of people who earn their livings as hands-on editors of books, periodicals, and other materials. The purpose of the organization is to promote and preserve the craft of editing, to support networking among editorial professionals, to provide continuing education to members and other editors in the community, and to educate clients about the array of editorial services available and their associated rates.

Q2.  Who can be a member?

SD/PEN membership is open to professional editors and writers, regardless of qualifications, experience, or location. We also welcome people interested in editing, people involved in the “word community,” and any other person interested in knowing more about the editing field.

Q3.  How do I become a member?

Visit our join page to fill out your member profile and credit card information.

Q4.  How much does it cost to join?

The current membership fee is $80 for a 12-month membership that begins the date your payment is received.

Q5. What are the member benefits?

  • Listing in the online member directory that highlights the services you offer, identifies your subject matter expertise, and provides a link to your website
  • Increased access to clients educated about the value of editorial professionals
  • Free bimonthly meetings
  • Networking events and support from other SD/PEN members
  • Exclusive discounts to PerfectIt Pro software, AI for Editors course, Club‸Ed freelance editing courses, Networking for Freelance Editors, Editor’s Affirmation Cards, NAIWE membership and more.
  • Continuing educational opportunities
  • Bimonthly newsletter, HapPENings
  • Access to SD/PEN newsletter archives, which include bimonthly program meeting recaps
  • Opportunity to serve on the SD/PEN Board of Directors, which looks great in your directory listing and LinkedIn profile
  • As an additional benefit, SD/PEN’s No. 1 ranking on Google for the search term “San Diego Editor” can drive traffic to your website

Q6. What topics are covered at meetings?

SD/PEN’s Board of Directors chooses programs based upon member surveys and expressed member needs. Presentation varies from individual presenters to panel discussions, open forums, and other formats. Please see the events calendar for the upcoming meeting topics.

Q7. How much do meetings cost?

Meetings are free to members; nonmembers pay $7.50 per meeting. Members also receive reduced rates for special SD/PEN events.

Q8. How can I connect to SD/PEN’s on social media?

SD/PEN social media accounts include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Q9. Where should I go if I have more questions?

You may contact SD/PEN through this website’s contact page. You may also visit the board of directors page to contact any of the members of the board.

Q10. How do I contact other members?

You can contact SD/PEN members through the online member directory, which includes each member’s email address, services, subject specialties, and preferred types of projects. Once a member, you will have access to additional contact information of other members.


“When I started my content strategy consulting business in 2008, I was looking for reputable, long-standing associations in San Diego to join and meet with other entrepreneurs, editors, and writers. San Diego Professional Editors Network, with its now-25-year history, online directory, and excellent online visibility, seemed a perfect solution. It’s an affordable way for independent contractors and small businesses to increase awareness of their services and network with others in the publishing industry.”

— Shelly Bowen, Content Strategist and Founder, Pybop, LLC

“Your listing on the SD/PEN Website gives you credibility and gets you noticed as a freelance editor available for work! I have had several authors looking for an editor contact me as the result of seeing my name on the SD/PEN Website.”

— Carolyn Crow, Former SD/PEN Steering Committee Member

“I have greatly benefited, both professionally and personally, by being a member of SD/PEN. As a member of this network, I have met many interesting and bright fellow editors and, in the last year and a half alone, I have taken on five new clients who have learned about my services through the SD/PEN directory. Membership in SD/PEN has paid off better than independent advertising.”

— Jed Lewis, San Diego Book Editor

“When I left my full-time job four years ago to start working as a freelancer, I felt very fortunate that an organization like SD/PEN existed here in San Diego. Within two months I landed my first big client through my listing on sdpen.com’s directory and have had numerous others since then.”

— Chris Zook, The Conscious Writer