David Gaddis Smith

David Gaddis Smith is a writer/editor/Spanish-to-English translator specializing in Mexico and the Middle East. He has translated and edited books and articles for universities and other institutions in both Mexico and the United States, as well as a Baja California winery. His specialty is catching fact errors and making stories and books more logical and readable, in part using his unparalleled research skills. He is a former foreign editor for the San Diego Union-Tribune and an editor for the Al-Monitor Middle East website.

2016 SD/PEN Board of Directors, Director

Business Name

David Gaddis Smith / Cross-Border Editorial Services


Types of Editing Services Offered

Copyediting, Substantive Editing

Types of Writing Services Offered


Other Services Offered

Consulting, Research & Fact-Checking

Subject Specialties

Government & Defense, History, Humanities & Social Sciences

Project Specialties

Articles & Essays, Books (Nonfiction)