SD/PEN Member Profile: Adrienne Moch

Each month, SD/PEN selects one of its members at random to profile his or her background and experience. This month we are featuring Adrienne Moch, a long-time business writer and editor of Adrienne Moch Writing & Editing.

wwMoch_2015001iv_smHow do you describe what you do to someone whom you’ve just met at a networking function?

I provide writing and editing support to companies to help them ensure their copy isn’t just competent, but compelling.

What accomplishment are you most proud of professionally?

I’m proud that I’ve been able to support myself—and even put some money into savings!—by being a freelance writer/editor for the past 13 years. It was scary for me to become an entrepreneur, but I’m so glad I took that leap.

Which quality or qualities would you most like your clients or professional colleagues to remember you for?

First and foremost, I’d like to be remembered for my writing and editing skill, which I’ve used to help hundreds of clients over the years. Second and just as important, I’d like to be remembered as a professional who can be counted on to hit any deadline and will go the extra mile to delight a client. Third and also important, I’d like to be remembered as someone who’s an excellent referral—because I’m well aware of how important it is to make the referring party look good.

What is the number one item on your bucket list and why?

I don’t have a bucket list, but if I had one, I wouldn’t have dreamt of putting “see a World Series game at Wrigley Field” on it—given my beloved Cubs’ record of futility. However, I did get to attend game 3 versus Cleveland last season in Chicago with my teenage nephew. Although it was a 1-0 loss, it was a magical night—and less than a week later one of my fondest wishes came true!

Describe your ideal weekend.

My ideal weekend would involve not having to work—a rarity. It would be great to sleep late—which hasn’t happened since I adopted a dog—go out for a big breakfast, and then find a relaxing spot for reading with a water view. Finally, when I got home, someone would have cleaned my condo and done all the laundry. You did say ideal.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

A writer! I’m one of the lucky few who knew early on what career I wanted—and I feel blessed that I’m able to earn a living doing what I love. I enjoy the creativity of writing and the opportunity to transform even poor copy into something great as an editor.

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