SD/PEN Member Profile: Larry Edwards

Each month, SD/PEN selects one of its members at random to profile his or her background and experience. This month we are featuring Larry Edwards, a Pulitzer Prize–nominated writer, long-time editor, and book publisher.

Larry_Edwards_2424_2How do you describe what you do to someone whom you’ve just met at a networking function?

I offer editing services that include manuscript read and critique, copyediting, content editing, developmental editing, and book proposals, as well as print book and ebook publishing consultation. I also have my own publishing imprint, Wigeon Publishing.

What accomplishment are you most proud of professionally?

Peer recognition: I have won many awards over the years as a writer and an editor. As an editor, one of the authors I worked with (as development, content, and copy editor) won the prestigious 2015 Independent Book Publishers Association Benjamin Franklin Gold Award. Also, as an editor, multiple authors I have worked with have taken top honors at the annual San Diego Book Awards. In addition, as an author I have taken top honors at the San Diego Book Awards three times, for both nonfiction and fiction, and I have been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. As an investigation journalist, I won Best of Show awards from the San Diego Press Club for four occasions.

Which quality or qualities would you most like your clients or professional colleagues to remember you for?

I'm easy to work with, the quality of my work is professional, and I meet my deadlines.

Tell us about a book you recently read that you would recommend.

Charcoal Joe by Walter Mosely has a depth and literary quality lacking in most books of the mystery genre, yet the pace never slows below a fast trot and quickly returns to its former gallop. I pretty much read it in one day (Christmas—best present I’ve given myself in a long time). It mesmerized me to the degree that I read it again the next day—to make sure I hadn’t missed anything and to savor Mosley’s fine writing and storytelling that much longer.

What is the number one item on your bucket list and why?

I would like to visit the Grand Canyon. I have only seen it from 33,000 feet (and on the "Nature Channel").

Describe a volunteer activity or cause you are involved in.

I am involved with Survivors of Violent Loss; that is, those who have lost a loved one to murder and endure the complicated grief and bereavement that accompany such a loss while having to traverse the labyrinthine criminal justice system.

What is your favorite or least favorite word and why?

Currently my least favorite word is a phrase: "reach out." The term has become a cliché and too often used (especially by broadcast media) inappropriately or repeatedly, to the point of rendering it meaningless.

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